1.  Is Attune Aid safe?

Yes it is non toxic.  It is also synthetic, it has no petroleum or silicone that is known to discolor breakdown and weaken the nut.   Attune aid is completely safe for all nut material and will not harm your paint including lacquer finishes.

2.  Where should I use Attune Aid?

Use it on all points the string makes contact.   The nut, string tree, roller bearings, metal and wood bridges, saddles, and makes a great lubricant for tuner gears.  See Question 3.

3.  What does dielectric mean and what does it do for my electrical contacts?

In layman’s term dielectric does not enhance the flow of electricity but acts as a protective film.  By applying a very thin layer of Attune Aid to the contact area you are preventing wear and corrosion from moisture and dirt.   It also eliminates any air gaps that can create an electrical arc.  It makes for a very solid connection.

4.  What is the extra tip for?

Attune Aid comes with two different dispensing tips that simply screw on.  One tip has a built in micro bush that works great for getting under hard to reach areas such as string trees.  The micro brush works best when applying very small amounts of lubricant by dabbing the area this cuts down on waste and keeps your instruments looking clean with no excessive lube build up.  The standard tip is just the same without the built in micro brush use whatever works best for you.  Both dispensing tips are bendable up to 90°.

5.  What is the applicator brush used for?

The brush is for applying that thin layer of lube on your electrical contacts.  It also is used to spread and work-in the lube on your tuner gears.  It is completely bendable and helps get into hard to reach areas.

6.  I am a professional guitar tech.  Do you give discounts for buying large quantities?

Yes just send an email and we can help you from there.

7.  Does Attune Aid add sustain?

No.  I know some manufacturers promote this but I personally think it is a ridiculous claim to make.  Even if it did it would not be audible to the ear.

8.  I keep breaking strings will Attune Aid eliminate this?

Attune aid helps considerably to stop wear that will cause the string to break over time.  You should not be breaking strings on a regular basis with or without a lubricant.

9.  What is PTFE?

Polytetrafluoroethylene is the generic name for Telfon. PTFE has the lowest coeficients of friction against any solid.